About Survon

Fighting cancer through AI, world-class data and clinical expertise.
From Harvard to around the world.
Short history
Back in 2018, Survon built mini tumors of patients in the lab for personalized testing. However, getting enough cancer cells to build these tumors proved to be a challenge.

It was in 2019 during a brainstorming session at Harvard that our founder Adrian, pioneered the concept of creating digital versions of the patients' tumors for a more personalized and accurate cancer care.
My mother died in 2009 from breast cancer. Her relapse came suddenly without warning. All her 4 sessions of chemotherapy failed. Sadly, she passed away soon after.
Adrian Fan
CEO & Founder of Survon, Inc

Our story

As a son of a cancer patient, Adrian knows too well the pain and suffering cancer patients and their loved ones go through.

Following his mother's death in 2009, he wondered what's more could he have done. He realized that the way cancer is diagnosed, treated and monitored is still inefficent and involves a lot of guesswork. Oncologists and patients simply do not have enough data to fight cancer effectively.

We need new tools to help us improve the whole cancer journey, from prevention, to diagnosis, to treatment. We need tools that leverage AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing — to show us the information hidden in every tumor. This is why Adrian started Survon.

We’re building tools and technology that give doctors and patients better ways to fight cancer today.


To empower cancer patients and oncologists to fight cancer with innovations from computer science, artificial intelligence and biomedicine.


Reveal. Identify. Fight Cancer.

The Survon team

We are an outstanding group of experts in machine learning, computer science, health care, medicine and entrepreneurship from Harvard, working together to develop personalized digital tumors powered by our PathBright™ platform.

We are families/friends/people who have been affected by cancer.

We might be a start-up, but we have big brains, big hearts and big ambitions.

Survon is a proud Finalist and Winner of the Best Social Impact Award in Harvard Business School New Venture Competition 2020.
Unlock and discover the secrets of cancer.