We are the first to look at
unlabeled living tumor cells
in full 3D using computer science.

We 3D scan live cancer cells in their native state without using labels, and run AI analysis.

Integrate advanced imaging and computer science to help your patients evaluate treatment options and monitor cancer.

Backed by science

Our liquid biopsy process is approved by FDA, CE and NMPA. Imaging and analyzing methods are backed by publications around the world.

Driven by data

3D data of the cancer cells are collected and analyzed together with datasets from other similar patients.

Easy to integrate

Just a simple blood draw with only 1 tube of blood. Kit is provided.

Make data-driven decisions with confidence

Our technology, PathBright™ is offered as a Clinical Decision Support tool.
Increase quality of care and enhance health outcomes.
Reduce errors and adverse events.

Accredited and approved

Our liquid biopsy is approved by FDA, CE and NMPA. All sample processing is performed in a Singapore laboratory licensed by the Ministry of Health. Analytical work is done by our team at Harvard in USA.

We value the integrity of patient samples to the utmost degree and thus make sure we go above and beyond all regulatory compliance standards.
Join us and bring cancer care to the next level.
AI represents one of technology’s most important priorities, and healthcare is perhaps AI’s most urgent application.
Satya Nadella
CEO of Microsoft