Analyze cancer cells in 3D,
direct from the blood.

Finalist and Winner of Best Social Impact Award
Harvard Business School New Venture Competition 2020

We combine 3D imaging, computer vision and machine learning to observe and analyze changes in the tumor.

Here's how it works:

Retrieve cancer cells

Collect live cells from the blood (liquid biopsy) or from surgeries/biopsies.

We only look at the actual tumor cells and not other indirect biomarkers.

Micro-CT scan them

3D scan live cancer cells without sacrificing any important details. Thanks to the latest developments in micro Computed Tomography (CT).

And finally...the magic!

With computer vision & machine learning combined with datasets of patients across the globe, we monitor cancer progression and predict any changing tumor behaviors. We can also look at treatment efficiency.


Our Advantages

Analyzes tumor directly

We analyze the actual tumor cells, and not other biomarkers.

Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Using machine learning and AI to reveal information that humans cannot see.

4D Analysis

3D images of cancer cells with "time" as the 4th dimension, will offer deeper insights not seen before.

Integrative Holistic Approach

Multi-disciplinary approach to fight cancer by integrating computer vision, AI and personalized medicine.

let's work together.

Great vision — is sometimes not from human.

Find out how to use computer vision and machine learning to help you in the cancer journey.

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