We are the first to analyze
living tumor cells in full 3D,
together with AI.

Don't waste time looking at other biomarkers.
◾ Are you recently diagnosed with cancer?
◾ Are you currently receiving treatment?
◾ Are you already in remission?
By analyzing your tumor cells, we help you detect and track your cancer, and predict cancer recurrence.

We do this by taking the free-floating cancer cells from your blood, 3D scan them and run analysis and prediction models using the sensitivity of computer vision and power of machine learning.

Introducing PathBright

The latest technologies for detecting, monitoring and predicting cancer activities.

The process:

A simple blood draw to get the cancer cells.


Send to lab for extraction & 3D imaging.


Detect the microscopic changes in the cells with computer vision.


Compare results with previous data and other similar patients using AI.


Long-term monitoring and predicting.

Data-driven analysis

We do not just analyze your data on its own, but also with datasets from other patients around the world.

Using machine learning and AI, we can quickly identify and predict any emerging trends or changing behaviors in your cancer. Catch it before it happens!

Accredited and approved

The liquid biopsy (cancer cells recovery) method is approved by FDA (USA), CE (Europe) and NMPA (China). All sample processing is performed in a Singapore laboratory licensed by the Ministry of Health. Analysis is done by our team at Harvard in USA.

We value the integrity of your sample to the utmost degree and thus make sure we go above and beyond all regulatory compliance standards.

We work with your oncologist

We don't replace your doctor. In fact we have no plans to replace anybody!

PathBright™ is a Clinical Decision Support tool that complements the oncologist's work by providing data-driven insights on your cancer. Your oncologist can then make informed and confident decisions that will increase the success rate, quality of care and enhance health outcomes.

Why Survon?

Analyze the tumor directly

We analyze your tumor cells directly, and not other indirect biomarkers such as CEA, CA 19.9 or PSA.

Reveal hidden information

We use advanced imaging, machine learning and artificial intelligence to reveal information that you and your oncologist cannot see.

Get deeper insights

3D imaging of cancer cells can offer deeper dimensional and functional insights not seen elsewhere.

Diverse capabilities to help you

Multi-disciplinary approach in fighting cancer by integrating computer vision, AI and personalized medicine.

Continuous monitoring

Monitoring of cancer can now be performed regularly and easily without pain.

We are from Harvard

We are a Harvard start-up, and a Finalist and Winner of Best Social Impact Award in Harvard Business School New Venture Competition 2020. =)

Who is suitable for PathBright™?

Newly diagnosed patients

Detect changes in cancer and evaluate treatment options.

Patients undergoing treatment

Determine the efficiency of the treatment.

Survivors (in remission)

Monitor cancer status and predict any emerging activity.

Unlock and reveal the secrets of your cancer now.

My mother (second from left) in 2008.
One of the main reasons I started Survon is because of my Mom. She died in 2009 from breast cancer relapse.

Technology then wasn't so advanced. There was no cancer monitoring or advanced imaging tech.

If she knows what I'm doing today to help other cancer patients, she will be very proud.
Adrian Fan
CEO & Founder of Survon, Inc