We are at the intersection of biology, technology and medicine.
While many techniques exist to analyze biomarkers such as DNA, CEA and CA 19.9, they only provide 2 dimensional (2D) data. Survon is changing the way the world looks at cancer by analyzing 3D information from whole living cancer cells.

We level up the fight with cancer by using the latest advances in imaging, computer vision, AI, machine learning and personalized medicine.


Integration of the latest technologies for quick, scalable and continuous detection, analysis and prediction of cancer activities.

Live cancer cells extraction

3D imaging

Computer vision analysis

AI and machine learning

Monitor and predict

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Retrieving live cells

Recovery of live cancer cells are commonly done by surgeries or biopsies which are invasive, inconvenient and painful. Let alone doing it on a regular basis. Hence many tests and analysis are still based on a single time-point of the cancer, which do not show the full picture.

We work with various partners around the world to recover live cancer cells from the blood, aka liquid biopsy. These methods are approved by FDA (US), CE (Europe) and NMPA (China).

3D imaging

Cells are very commonly imaged in 2D, but tumors exist in 3D! We use the new micro Computed Tomography (CT) technology to scan individual live (not dead) cancer cells in full glorious 3D. No information is lost.

A 3D cancer cell reveals more information and insights of the tumor.

Computer Vision & Machine Learning

3D data comes with immense information that humans cannot see or comprehend. We use computers to help us identify the small micro-level information and changes in the cancer cells. Together with AI and machine learning, we create a personalized digital version of the tumor for monitoring, analyzing and predicting.
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